200 Prince William Kids Receive Free Physicals from NextCare Urgent Care

by Steve Chamley

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NextCare's Urgent Care has its presence in 10 states in the U.S. They are leading urgent care managers who efficiently provide quality health care when it is most needed. If your doctor is not available to examine you and treat you, you can hope to get treated in one of their centers. If you need urgent medical attention, you need not see the time of the day or night or see if it is a holiday or weekends or whatever. Your immediate help could be anything from sturdy blast resistant buildings for construction sites to instant cash for dealing with the consequence.

Emergency Room Vs NextCare

Emergency rooms are not always the best answer to an ailment that needs immediate attention. It may take even days to get in touch with a primary care physician, let alone a specialist which may turn out to be too late for the patient concerned. NextCare's Urgent Care clinics can boast of high level of efficiency with the professionals on its roll who can minister to the needy.

NextCare and the Children

Prince William County lies in the Commonwealth of Virginia at the bank of the Potomac River. It is home to more than 400,000 people of various ethnic extractions. It is Virginia's second most populous county and boasts of a very high income generation.

Only a small fraction of 6% people live in poverty here.  More than 112,000 children live in Prince William County. In a free program, NextCare Urgent Care had chosen 200 in 2011to receive benefits from “free and reduced services”. The free health physicals made sure that these children entered school in August that year. The children were able to enthusiastically participate in the sports and allied activities.

How had This Come About

Pastors Tony and Cynthia Brazelton were instrumental in bringing about this charity event. Their organization, Victory Christian Ministries International of Woodbridge got in touch with NextCare center on Milstead Way and the center's clinic manager, Donald Shepherd. They had discussions on physicals for children of the neighborhood. The donations from the ministries and some other nonprofit organizations enabled physicals for 200 chosen children who were to be given vouchers to use in the clinic.

Presentation of Vouchers

NectCare managers Gigi Wilson, Sonya Herndon and Donald Shepherd presented the vouchers on June 21, 2011 at Victory Christian Ministries in a special presentation event. Cynthia Brazelton had remarked with feeling that "We are blessed that this company would open their hearts to assist children in need".

Enthusiasm Spreads

When the owner of the Frosty Moose ice cream shop that is located next to NextCare on Mislead Way learned of the ongoing efforts at the children's welfare, he expressed his interest and handed over a voucher for a free ice cream to each child to be exchanged for an ice cream when they visited NextCare in Woodbridge.

Satisfaction all Around

Shepherd was surprised at the number of needy children in the county and said, “I did not realize that here in Prince William County, we had so many children in need”. When he brought up the subject to the facility's executives, they readily agreed without any reservation to do whatever was to be done. The general consensus was one of giving back. He said that he was proud to belong to an organization that cares for the local community.

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Steve Chamley trades products from South America like footwear and bags. He supplies them unbranded to different shops in Australia and New Zealand.

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200 Prince William Kids Receive Free Physicals from NextCare Urgent Care to Prince William County Nursing Homes

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