Animal Related Laws

Did you know that in Prince William County it is against the law to...

  • Allow within the County prolonged or intense barking or other harsh or excessive noises to be made by animals and pets under one's ownership, at any time (Section 14-5.1).
  • Allow your animal to trespass on someone's property after being requested by the owner of the property not to trespass (Section 4-4).

  • Allow your animal to run at large within the County unless engaged in supervised, formal or science training classes, or show, or during formally sanctioned field trials or while engaged in lawful hunting during open hunting season (Section 4-23).

  • Allow your animal to knowingly or willfully urinate or defecate on private property of other persons or on publicly owned property except parts of parks posted as dog run areas (Section 4-11 & 4-26).

  • Own a dog four months or older and not obtain a County dog license that your dog is required to wear, and a collar bearing said license (Section 4-46).

  • Have knowledge of an animal which has bitten someone and not immediately notify the Animal Warden (Section 4-64) at 703-792-6500.

Click here for a Trespassing Animals Form.

Get a dog license, click HERE!

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