by Joe venegas

The police all over the USA crooked or is it just me just being paranoid that they are out to get people of color ?
My mom was involved in a fender bender last month.
She was coming out of her place and and a car in front of her suddenly stopped as it was turning a corner.

She didn't stop fast enough and hit the car in the rear bumper. She must have been going about 5 MPH. Her front bumper was damaged because of the impact. There was no damage to the vehicle she rear ended.
As she got out of the car and this being her first accident in her lifetime, she asked the driver if he was OK and would he like to call the police.

The gentleman said that if she wanted to call the police she could.
My mom called the police always wanting to do the right thing.
She also called my sister to let her know what had happened.
as the police arrived, a young officer from the Prince William County police in Virginia asked for papers and started to write an incident report. After writing the report he approached my mom's car and said that he would have to give her a ticket for Reckless Driving.
My mom and my sister were dumbfounded and surprised that here, my mom is involved in a fender bender and she is being giving a reckless driving ticket.
I always thought that a reckless driving charge is someone doing over 75 in a 55 MPH zone.

The officer said that once she went to the court he would reduce it to a lesser charge so that she wouldn't face any fines or any other repercussions.
He seemed to be nice and courteous according to my mom.
A wolf in sheep's clothing is what I call it.
(Jim Crow in disguise)

I couldn't believe it when she told me about this incident.

Her court day was set for February 8. One day after her birthday.
I told her that I would go with her and not worry.

On the day of the hearing I couldn't stop thinking that instead of going to court to challenge this ticket, I could be taking out my mom for breakfast to continue celebrating her birthday.
To say that I was upset would be an understatement. Nevertheless I kept my cool and took her to court to see what this police officer was going to come up with.

The courtroom was full of people. so full, that we had to stand in the back because there was not enough room for the 15 or 20 of us who arrived 5 minutes after 9.
Of course 90 percent of the people in the courtroom were people of color.

To be in a courtroom, is to see the final result of unintended consequences, stupidity, ignorance and actions which people make.
The first 45 minutes, I saw 5 people put in jail for a variety of reasons. From a man who had several grams of weed in his vehicle along with a weapon to a someone who had his bond revoked because of his third DUI.

As I listened and heard of all the fines which people are paying from petty larceny to possession of a controlled substance, I could not think of all the money which this court was making just in this courtroom from all the people who had to go in front of this judge to answer for what ever law they had broken.

We waited two and a half hours before my mom's name was called.
I quickly helped her from her seat and we walked towards the podium were all defendants stand in front of the judge.
As we heard the judge say that the charge had been reduced to from a reckless driving violation to an unauthorized moving violation I was getting ready to tell my mom not to plead guilty.
Before I realized the judge quickly was asking my mom how she plead.
My mom quickly replied guilty.
I had failed to tell her in time not to plead guilty so that she wouldn't have to pay any fine.
The judge said I fine you 75 dollars plus court costs.
We stood there for about 2 seconds before saying thank you your honor as we quickly exited the courtroom to pay the fine and court costs.

As we waited along with 8 or so people to pay, I was thinking man what a racket these people got here, This is what I call legalize Mafia.
We would have to pay 148 Bucks all because the system is biased and prejudicial towards people of color and minorities.

The cop who got called was only supposed to write an incident report about what had taken place.
Instead he saw a person of color and decided it that he was going to take advantage and make himself and Prince William County a bit more money. After all is happening all across the country with people of color. why not here in Virginia. Who the hell is going to know or complaint.
I know and I'm not keeping my mouth shut when I know you are a bunch of racists cops and will continue to oppress and treat us like second class citizens.
Better get your money while you can!
Better to write and let you all know of my frustrations than going buck wild!
Trust me Virginia is not for lovers!
Stay The F*** away!

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