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Are you looking for an emergent church in Prince William County, Virginia? Well, "good luck" -- but, unfortunately I don't think you will find one.

Lot's of people are interested in the conversation, but it seems few churches are. Actually, no churches in Prince William County are "emergent" as far as I know.

So, what is the emergent church movement?

Some people refer to the movement as the emerging church or just emergence. All those terms are talking about the same thing. Here's a wikipedia article about the emerging church.

I did a search at the Christianity Today website and found this list of very interesting emergent church articles.

You'll see that it's hard to define what the emergent movement is about -- which maybe is the point in the first place. The thought is that it is emerging from ground up -- not top down. So it is forever redefining itself as it changes and grows. And, that may be the best thing of all about the emerging church.

It can be a great place to be if you are genuinely seeking truth without preconditions. Or, if you want to think and talk honestly and openly about anything and everything related to theology, religion, the bible, Jesus, other religions, etc. And, that's rare, maybe unprecedented, in traditional religion. Well, at least maybe since 1st Century AD.

My first contact with anything emergent related was when I read Brian McLaren's Book A Generous Orthodoxy. I've been thinking about his ideas and many others ever since. [For more, read what was it about Brian McLaren's book that struck you?]

For me it's about open conversation and authenticity. It's sort of the opposite of traditional church -- at least in my experience.

Probably the leading voice for the movement can be found at Emergent Village.

There doesn't seem to be any organized "emergent christian" group in Prince William County. Considering we have large communities like Manassas, Wooodbridge, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Gainesville, and Quantico -- I'm surprised to find nothing. So, we are going to try to remedy that.

Please use the contact form below to let us know if you are interested in helping to form an emergent christian community. We'll get back in touch and let you know when our next meeting is.

Also, feel free to use the second form below to share your view of what the emerging church is all about.

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in the emerging or emergent church movement you surely would also be interested in What Should a Christian Church Be Like?

And, I just wrote this recently not totally serious, but, maybe mostly serious.... Reason for the Decline of Liberal Churches.

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We welcome your comments, thoughts, questions -- whatever input you have. If you post it here, others interested in the PWC emergent church or the emergent movement generally can read them and add to the conversation themselves. Here's the place to do that and thanks for your contribution.

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